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How beem works

Why join Beem PT?

Why join?

No Commission

Created by Trainers for Trainers, beem provides a platform for you to advertise all of your services and takes none of your hourly rate. You set the price, and keep the money.

The Digital Age

Adapt to the online movement and stand out among the 37,000 searches made every month.

instant messaging

Visitors to the site are connected instantly and directly. No filling out forms, leaving details or committing before they train - making it a simple, quick and direct way to connect to them with you.

Resources, CPD and Referrals

Free resources from industry leaders weekly, discounts for CPD courses and a reward system for recommending your friends.

Dedicated Profile Page

We can act as your website until you build one for yourself - or simply link your site and socials, making it easy for clients to connect.

Promote your profile

With beem, you can add additional promotions to your profile to bring it to the top of the list.

What people say?

We give the trainer everything they need - A platform, direct contact with the clients, and the freedom to charge what they want. We don't take any payments; we simply connect people.
beem Founder
Everything is between the Trainer and the client after they connect via Beem and we think that’s how it should be. We believe PTs deserve to be paid for their services fairly which is why we charge No commission.
beem Founder
It’s the Zoopla of Personal Trainers!
beem Member

Be Seen on beem

Be seen online – Join today for exclusive access to resources

£69 Annual Saver

Was £69

Save money through our Pro Annual plan.

  • 12 months for the price of 5!
  • Exclusive resources
  • 2 months free


Most frequent questions and answers

Many platforms require the customer to fill out tedious forms and leave details. They also take a percentage of the hourly rate, along with membership fees. Simple and quick is the key to connecting those potential clients to you and beem only has a small subscription fee – leaving the rest to you, your prices, your profits. beem is the Zoopla of Fitness Trainers.

The clients simply enter their location and preferred training style into the search bar and select the most suitable in their area. They can connect instantly and directly to you through our messaging system, and liaise to book their first session. They can pick freelance, remote, in a facility or an online class and programming. All business payments are entirely between you and your client.

With the whole country keen to get back to physical activity, your help has never been more in demand. Service more clients, earn more money and keep ALL of your earnings. Be seen online without your own website and benefit from all of the member perks. Be seen on beem!

Simply get your Pics and Bio ready and sign up today. Choose your most suitable level and enter your details. With the Free offer, you’ll be seen for a limited time. Join as a member and benefit from all the member perks including promo boosts and rewards. Pay annually to save or subscribe monthly for less than the cost of a takeaway!

If you have a facility with 2 or more Trainers, you can benefit from adding multiple Trainer profiles (Multi-Pro) at a reduced rate. All member perks are available and your Facility gets more exposure too! Be seen on beem!

If you are on a monthly plan, your perks will run for one whole month. If you do not wish to subscribe for another month, then that is absolutely fine. By referring colleagues to beem, you earn beem points which you can use when purchasing another month’s plan – saving more! If you are on an annual plan, get in touch with us and we will refund the remainder of your unused plan.

When you access your dashboard, you will see a unique referral link just for you. Send this to other PTs, and when they successfully create an account, you will automatically be awarded beem points which you can view in your beem Wallet on your dashboard. You can use these points when paying for your plans or promotions. Just select ‘Pay with beem Points’ at the checkout. 1 beem Point is equal to £1 (just to keep things easy).

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