5 Ways to Gain Clients

Tip 1 - Be your own niche

When trying to find your niche or specialist area, It can be tempting to copy others you see doing well. If you’re not sure then don’t rush! Take your time and be conscious of what develops. In terms of clients that may be a certain age/gender demographic. You’re likely to deliver best on what motivates you – For example if you train for aesthetics, then your credibility will shine through with that and you wouldn’t advertise yourself as a ‘Injury Rehabilitation’ specialist.

Tip 2 - Tell the world

If you have something positive to share, then tell the world! Highlight your success on your Social channels and talk about it. People will soon refer to you as the ‘Trainer friend’ who did xyz with their client. Don’t be too humble and speak proudly of your profession. The more serious you take it, the more serious they will take you.

Tip 3 - Advertise

Seems obvious right? This is under-utilised by many Trainers. Use as many online platforms as possible. Your social media channels may not be enough whilst you grow your following. A website, app or a traditional flyer in the café may bring you that one client who sees the value you give and tells the world for you!

Tip 4 - Network

By connecting with peers and forging genuine friendships, others will recommend you. Stay in touch with other fitness professionals who will think of you when they are asked if they ‘Know anyone who does x in area y’. Listen in on Clubhouse, go to events, contribute to forums and be seen on Beem 😉

Tip 5 - Get Organised

Your client base is good but not great! By arranging the current clients you have to a convenient and efficient schedule, you free up time and space for the next new client. Think of the most likely time people will want and plan ahead by moving your loyal clients slightly. Never cancel and be realistic yet stern with late cancellations.

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