Delivering Remote Classes – 5 simple steps

Don’t think you’re ready to deliver remote classes? Think again! You don’t need much to start and there’s plenty of time to perfect your delivery. Here’s how I started and instantly gain an extra £400 monthly average income.

Step 1

Send out a message to everyone you think may join and include those you’re not sure about! You’ll be surprised who is keen and who you thought would be but isn’t! Explain your plan and ask for feedback…

Step 2

Plan for 2-3 times a week and use the group to figure out the most popular times/days. Once you have this, build the anticipation and start a whatsapp group. Find out what kit they all have and get programming! Give a monthly and drop in payment option.

Step 3

Practise your first session and get the details set with your timings and demonstrations…allow for a little ‘faff’ time and build a banging playlist! (Ask for track requests for that extra touch!)

Step 4

Now you have a plan, post on socials and tell more people, if people know others will be there, they will be more inclined to join. Build the anticipation 24hrs before, post details 1 hr before and prompt in the hour leading up to the session.

Step 5

Deliver! Get your first class done and take a few pictures, tag post…you get the idea! Make sure you praise everyone like you would in a normal class. Give feedback straight after and thank participants – repeat! You now have a remote classes service line bringing in extra profit.

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